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Painting Raises Funds for Breeding Program

This magnificent painting by noted reptile artist Tell Hicks commemorates the bringing together of the last known captive pair of Shanghai Soft-Shell Turtles. In China, an international team transported an 80-year old female, the last known in existence, from the Changsha Zoo to join an ancient centenarian male at the Suzhou Zoo. Their introduction went surprisingly well. Breeding attempts were noted in a short time.

The female eventually laid two clutches, totaling over 100 eggs, many of which were fertile. Unfortunately the embryos died during incubation, most likely due to the female's poor nutrition in previous years.

Though this was a heartbreaking end to the first chapter of this heroic effort, the team has learned much and hopes are high for next year.

With sales of this print, we can donate over $3,000 to this amazing effort.

Less than forty matted prints are left. Each is signed and numbered by the artist.

Price: $100.00 plus Shipping and Handling

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