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The Giant Siamese Softshell Turtle, Chitra chitra, may reach a shell length of over six feet. It's immense size has not helped it from becoming listed as a critically endangered species, now thought to only exist in a small region of Thailand. They are not only hunted for food, but the beaches they depend upon are literally being sucked away by sand mining operations. A program in Thailand is working to create a stable breeding colony.

Amazingly, the gender of C. chitra does not depend on chromosomes, but on incubation temperature. The TTT provided funds for two high-tech incubators that are being used to determine what temperature ranges produce male or female hatchlings. Such knowledge is of vital importance to any long term breeding program.

A hatchling Giant Siamese Softshell Turtle. It could reach six feet.

Scholarship Recipient Spends Three Months in USA

"The Asian Scholarship Program for In-Situ Chelonian Conservation," is quite a mouthful. "In-situ" refers to a species' natural habitat. "Chelonia" (pronounced "Kee-lone-ee-ah) is the Order which includes all turtles and tortoises.

"ASP scholarships allow exceptional college students from Asia to study in the USA for three months to learn the latest field and lab techniques in turtle conservation. Many past scholarship recipients have gone on to do amazing work.

In 2008 the TTT contributed $6000.00 towwards scholarships for two amazing students, Chey Koulang of Cambodia, and Pelf Nyok of Malaysia.

Cambodian student Chey Koulang examines a wood turtle in the Berkshire Mountains

Pelf Nyok of Malaysia and Chey Koulang of Cambodia show TTT Director Chuck Landrey Diamondback Terrapins at the Wetlands Institute in NJ.

Illegal Tortoise Trade Subject of Public Awareness Campaign

Despite many admirable efforts by authorities, Thailand continues to be a nexus of the illegal wildlife trade, including many thousands of turtles and tortoises.

The TTT provided funds to WildAid's "Sold Out" campaign to create print media and purchase advertising space at airports, train and bus stations. The campaign is targeting Thai citizens and tourists to be aware of how they can inadvertently contribute to the extinction of wildlife species through the purchase of them for the pet and other wildlife trade.

A TTT funded advertising campaign warns visitors to Thailand about participating in illegal wildlife trade.

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