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Q: Why are so many of Asia's turtles and tortoises imperiled?

A: Several factors are involved. Rapid development has destroyed large swaths of habitat. The growing Chinese middle-class has created a huge demand for turtles and tortoises - for food, folk medicine and now the pet trade. Surrounding countries are being vacuumed of their turtles to feed China's unending appetite for exotic species. Although chelonians have been consumed for food and folk medicine for millennia, the skyrocketing demand has surpassed any level of sustainable harvest. The result has come to be known as the Asian Turtle Crisis.

Q: How was the Thai Turtle Trust (TTT) created?

A: The TTT is an initiative of A Taste of Thai; a brand of the specialty food company Andre Prost, Inc. One of the company's owners, already involved in North American turtle conservation, suggested that A Taste of Thai could be an effective advocate for turtle and tortoise conservation in Southeast Asia.

Q: How much money is spent on administrative costs?

A: None. A Taste of Thai covers all costs. When you buy a TTT hat or shirt, every cent funds conservation work, not paperwork.

Q: Is the Thai Turtle Trust a Non-Profit?

A: No. It is a private initiative of the specialty food brand, A Taste of Thai. For this reason we do not accept donations.

Q: How does the TTT decide what conservation projects to fund?

A: We have projects recommended to us by respected organizations and scientists.

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