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Helping Save Asia’s
Turtles & Tortoises

The Impressed Tortoise, Manouria impressa, lives in Thailand’s mountain forests.

Of the estimated 72 turtle species native to Southeast Asia, half
are endangered or critically endangered.*

We created the Thai Turtle Trust in 2007 to help save these amazing creatures. Past work includes:

... providing incubators for a program in Thailand working to breed the critically endangered Giant Siamese Softshell Turtle Chitra chitra.

... funding a public awareness campaign in Thailand about the illegal wildlife trade,

... Providing scholarships for two students from Maylasia and Cambodia Asia to learn the latest field techniques in studying turtles and Tortoises.

You Can Help

By buying some cool Turtle Gear. 100% of your purchase will
directly fund turtle conservation work. Not one cent goes to
administration fees.

*Source: Wildlife Conservation Society

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